Sunday, 16 October 2016

Building the Good New Town as a non-dogmatic community

If the word eco-village is too loaded with images of low tech and countryside to be used for a nature- and future- friendly intentional community also in towns and cities, what could it be called? There is a therm for a nuclear family. Maybe there should be one for a Nuclear Community, as an alternative building block of any society? To put everything on the shoulders of a small present day family is being too harsh on people. Wait... Then if you say "I plan to build a Nuclear Community here" the residents will suspect you are planning to install a small nuclear power plant in their neighborhood...
Maybe it just has to be a "Good New Town". I live in Newtown, Powys. Newtown is small yet it is the biggest town in Mid Wales. It is old. We all heard about "Good Old Days", "Brave New World" and "The Good Life"... Some may also know about "Good Life Project" and "Good Sense Foundation". - those are my influences for the name.
Whatever the name, I think for true happiness and healthy development this community should not be dogmatic.

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