Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A year of musical adventures

Long Long Journey by Enya, Память, and Friend that will never betray by Fleur were new found tracks from the old favourite artists.

I am still in love with Jethro Tull & Ian Anderson . I do listen to lots of instructional podcasts too, mostly related to creating my new webpage

The music on TV... me & hubby watch it only three times a year: BBC Alba concert at the new Year, Eurovision in the spring (it is a miracle if we like one or two songs) and The Last Night at the Proms in autumn.

I've attended one live concert this year, Newtown Fest of Art and Sound in February. There was an excellent French band Skiffle Rendez-vous (, and some local artists. I've really enjoyed listening to traditional Welsh music Flinclock with Sandra Smith. Also Sarah Smith Trio, The Velvet Dukes, Eddy Gartry and Fight the Bear were interesting and something completely out of my box.

I hope for more interesting musical discoveries in 2014.

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