Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New blog

Over the years I’ve accumulated several blogs: A general English one, two Russian ones, one about art, two with quotes I like, one with interesting news articles, one with thoughts, one with verses, one with my photos, one with digital art, one with digital finger paintingsone with my photos and paintings… It became too confusing. I want simplicity! One life – one blog. It is still a bit rough, but I’m working on it. So, it will be just this blog, the web page, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Lets see what will happen…
За годы у меня скопилось несколько блогов на разные темы (см выше) и я стала в них путаться. Пытаюсь все свести в один. Если кому-то интересно, подписывайтесь лучше сюда.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Holiday memories

As the snow melts under the rain I recall how,  just before we went on holidays in December, I've been posting our greeting cards to the neighbours.  Early morning.  Time to run for the train - very fast.  In the first house in our row I couldn't open the gate and had to live the card on the fence,  under the rain. .. In the second house they literally barricaded their letterbox.  Few days before the Christmas.  But I managed somehow to squeeze very crinkled card  inside.  I thought I was lucky with the third house: I managed to open their gate,  the letterbox wasn't blocked,  but as soon as the card hit the ground two dogs started barking madly. .. At 6 a.m. on Saturday.  Our  neighbours probably hate us :)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

I'll be back. ..

I've been doing an experiment since last spring: having an art and craft market stall. Knowing what the current economic situation is plus being in a small non-touristy town - well, I didn't expected much profit. Internet sales were probably better so far.  I did sold some artworks in my shop, I've got my studio space,  but more importantly, I've started to feel living among people again.  Being in almost complete isolation since 2007 when we moved to Wales has been hard on me. I'm at least busy trying to earn money. Having one Market shop also feels more real than maintaining ten online ones and this makes me happy too.

I've also joined two community gardens and a group called "I love Newtown" to completely kill that feeling of alienation that have been with me for a while.

So far so good.  One strange and initially heartbreaking thing was the behaviour of some shoppers. Far too many of them.  These people were very sure of themselves.  "I will come back tomorrow (or on another day) and I will buy that painting / bring you photos for a commission" - they were saying. To begin with I took it extremely seriously.  On a day when I was ill (or one of my kids was ill) I would still come and desperately waited in this cold half empty Market hiding tears of despaire... Why did they do this to me? I never had a shop before so I don't know how typical this behaviour is. Was it because of my accent people didn't care?  Or they always are so insensitive to small business owners? Or they think that lies somehow make things better?  I don't know. Most of them pretended nothing happened next time I saw them. Two honest ones apologised. 
Funny thing is that neither me nor the people I consider friends would ever lightly promised anything looking in somebody's eyes in the first place.  So there wouldn't be any embarrassment afterwards.

Well I've got over this and learned to ignore promises.  That's a lesson and any lesson is good. It was particularly hard also because at the same time I was trying to join the local Shropshire Visual Art Network, my application got lost for several months, I was desperately waiting for reply and wondering why I've been ignored. .. It's all too got recently sorted, fortunately.

So, I have lots of hopes for 2013 and wish everybody all the best!  And let's carry on laughing at all these stupid prophets of doom who never seem to get their end of the world they desire so much.