Saturday, 31 December 2011


to everybody!
I wish you more happiness, creativity, freedom, comfort, friendship, understanding, love and wisdom in 2012!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's not what you think it is

When I buy a device this days its not only a phone, but a computer, an atlas, a radio receiver... If only they figured out a way to add to this list the keys and the bank cards, then there would be just one thing to pick up when leaving home. Well, maybe also an umbrella if its not included...

Yet some things are less than they should be. For years I've been buying cheap boots and raincoats which turned up being not waterproof... There is no point in boots or raincoats which are not supposed to be used under rainy condition. They shouldn't exist, but they are here.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Our weird weather

At the end of last week we had snow, rain and hail falling after each other or in various combinations. One moment I wake up and see the skylight window all frozen, stars glistening through ice patterns. Few houst later is't raining cats and gods. Late on Saturday I've seen amaising giant lumps of snow slow falling down. It was really weird to stand in the garden and look up at them appearing from the dark sky - and covering my face like cold dead white butterflies...

Friday, 16 December 2011

Canterbury Cathedral 10 Dec 2011

Really wanted to visit that concert. Hoped to sell something big or win something to have enough money to travel to Canterbury - but no luck. At least I can see this on YouTube: both of my favourite British singers-songwriters (apparently friends) in a song I really like.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sharing art on the web: a bit of warning

You think because in all the art & photography places on the web I know there are "share" buttons next to the artwork you are welcome to press them? Think again.

It is natural to human beings to share their experience - that's how our civilisation happened. In old days you might show your favourite book to your friends, now you share stuff on line. That's often how people find out about artists new to them. As an artist I'm always very happy when this occur to my work. To my surprise I realised that not all artists are like this. You may think if somebody has a nickname LadySomething and does nice pictures there is a nice polite person on the other end. It may not be the truth. After pressing that highly visible "share" button you may end up threatened and offended by something who actually things that sharing is "using" and even "stealing" their artwork. And you thought you did GOOD to the artist, help them spread the message, etc. If you hate conflicts as I do you may even loss your sleep for a couple of nights if you get "i report you!!!" "DO NOT USE any other my work there!" " i didnt asked your help!" "This has not been done with my permission and there is no credit for the image posted on the site (Although I will allow that the image is linked to the original) Doing this has removed the watermark of the image from the image and is in direct violation of my copyright. Please ensure that this image is removed from this site with immediate effect"  "It is normal to ask for permission which is sometimes granted to reproduce images but this is only allowed with proper acreditation and watermarking." "i'm feed up with user who "share my works with the world" without asking me and my permission and uses my works below his/her name and sometimes earn money/points/credits/admission with them!!! so they stole! pitiable!!!" (and  a nice "Please, viste my gallery Thanks :)"  - after that!) 

I do feel pity for artists of this kind as it may be very difficult to live with such an attitude that everybody is trying to steal from them. People mostly just LIKE somebodies artwork and it's a nice reason to be happy and get on with you life rather than be angry, chase innocent people across the Internet, threaten and wrongly accuse them. This won't help with sales either.

On one occasion I contacted a site administration with that question: "Is there any single rule on whether people are allowed to share images (with links to the originals) on social media e.g. Tumblr, Facebook or Pinterest? I know lots of people do this and I know that a small number of artists is getting very angry about this but I can't find anything about the situation in FAQ."

The reply was as follows: "Our artists retain 100% of the copyrights for their images. If you would like to use any images, other than purchasing a printed product for personal enjoyment, you will have to contact the artist directly for their permission, as we do not have the right to give permission for the artists using our service. You will find their public contact information on their user page but please note, the artist decides what information is available to the public, and we are unable to give out any personal information."

How it is possible to have a "share" button next to each artwork if  "you will have to contact the artist directly for their permission"? I realise that it is a common problem with many artists sites but as an artist and a consumer I would like to have an absolute clarity on that. Why not give that "share" button only to artists who want they work to be shared and prevent other images to be shared at all? Otherwise people will end up doing something they think they ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO and then have angry artists chasing after them. I hope it all will be sorted out somehow because at the moment there is a big lie in the air and this is disgusting.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It is great to have a photographic calendar on the wall from the opposite hemisphere: In reality the days grow colder and gloomier but in the calendar it is just getting warmer and sunnier, better and better!