Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Protest in the air

What I found a real waste of time on TV recently was this "occupy" movement. If the people are worried about inequality why don't they go and help poor people, tell about their stories, form a new political party or movement, propose new economical solutions, plant some seeds of a new and just society, etc. Why tents? I just can't stand people sitting and doing nothing. Most of really poor people are working very hard to earn a living, they have no time to seat in tents.

Why anti-capitalist? I've seen socialist economies in deep crisis too.

Why try to damage the financial system? Rich people have their property, gold and expensive things they can sell, poor people might just have some money in a bank. Who will suffer most if a bank will collapse? Were there rich people queueing in  front of Northern Rock?

Its just seems that there is protest in the air all over the world and many people just go and riot, demonstrate, throw stones at anything without much thought about why do they do this. I see a ghost of Lev Gumilev...

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