Monday, 22 August 2011

What to respect

I've got a scary comment on another site of mine "I respect the beliefs of others"... I respect KINDNESS the most. And many more things if they go hand in hand with kindness: honesty, courage, curiosity, learning, hard work, imagination, creativity... I couldn't respect things like believing in necessity of human sacrifices, cruelties, Hell, persecution of "infidels", ets. Watch what you respect! :)

What about "nice" beliefs? Somebody advertised a poster "Families can be together forever". Now who wouldn't want that to happen? Its a "nice" mind trap. It has no ground whatsoever, even in religion itself. During my 20 years or so going to church I've heard a lot about Hell and separation of families... Foolling yourself like that could make you think of you life as a rehersal and prevent you from being happy now.

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