Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ideas and freedom

People who are not exited by anything in this life are boring. It is normal that a human being think about a certain idea, personality, work of art or activity much more and believes it to be more important than an "average" person would do. Only some ideas could be potential fertile grounds for hatred, cruelty, violence (e.g. nationalism, Christianity, Marxism, Islam - see the examples in the tumblr project from the previous post) and some couldn't be (e.g. stamp collecting, humanism, pacifism)... This makes you think.

I am against banning any thought, moreover, I would like to have real freedom of speech when for grown up people there is no subject immune to honest discussion or mockery. My past interest in religion has been fueled by its absence in Soviet school curriculum. This turned it into a forbidden fruit. If it was discussed freely and objectively I am sure there were much less church-going people in Russia now.

I used to say that there is no reason to life apart from religion. I feel I have been lying to myself. Deep inside I always knew there were lots of perfectly good reasons. Did a collection of images illustrating that. You either live a full life or a life full of illusions.

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