Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Criminalising denial and true friendship

I've seen on several occasions people advocating for criminalising denial of something, normally atrocities. Its so against free thinking, and its often very politicized. If one is sure ones opponent is wrong one should have some solid proof. Otherwise I can imagine a gloomy picture of future people discussing historical issues and one is saying: "I think in reality something else was going on"... - and all suddenly are quiet, terrified of consequences...

My old real friends stay with me whatever my worldview may be, however it changes. Some religious people used to follow my blogs have run away as soon as I told them about the changes in my attitudes. It's like that for fundamentalists the dogma is more important than people or that they are afraid following me as it will open their eyes and uncover their illusions too...

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  1. And funny thing is that lots of my views the religious "friends" would still accept and applaude - if I kept quet about my view on religion. Its just I don't like to decieve.


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