Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New trees

I've recieved an interesting link to a photographer exhibition about fake trees hiding mobile phone masts. This is what artists should work on, turning something ugly into something nice, not putting piles of rubbish in art galleries :) We had an idea few years ago that big power stations could be made to look like castles.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A quiz

My Political Views
I am a centrist moderate social libertarian
Left: 0.56, Libertarian: 2.16

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -4.03

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: 3.12

Political Spectrum Quiz

Whatever. I think I share John Stuart Mill’s view that  the individual ought to be free to do as he wishes unless he harms (not just offends) others and I object any censorship. I'm really sad and angry at all this "blasphemy laws" which allow people to be murdered for the words they say.