Saturday, 31 December 2011


to everybody!
I wish you more happiness, creativity, freedom, comfort, friendship, understanding, love and wisdom in 2012!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's not what you think it is

When I buy a device this days its not only a phone, but a computer, an atlas, a radio receiver... If only they figured out a way to add to this list the keys and the bank cards, then there would be just one thing to pick up when leaving home. Well, maybe also an umbrella if its not included...

Yet some things are less than they should be. For years I've been buying cheap boots and raincoats which turned up being not waterproof... There is no point in boots or raincoats which are not supposed to be used under rainy condition. They shouldn't exist, but they are here.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Our weird weather

At the end of last week we had snow, rain and hail falling after each other or in various combinations. One moment I wake up and see the skylight window all frozen, stars glistening through ice patterns. Few houst later is't raining cats and gods. Late on Saturday I've seen amaising giant lumps of snow slow falling down. It was really weird to stand in the garden and look up at them appearing from the dark sky - and covering my face like cold dead white butterflies...

Friday, 16 December 2011

Canterbury Cathedral 10 Dec 2011

Really wanted to visit that concert. Hoped to sell something big or win something to have enough money to travel to Canterbury - but no luck. At least I can see this on YouTube: both of my favourite British singers-songwriters (apparently friends) in a song I really like.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sharing art on the web: a bit of warning

You think because in all the art & photography places on the web I know there are "share" buttons next to the artwork you are welcome to press them? Think again.

It is natural to human beings to share their experience - that's how our civilisation happened. In old days you might show your favourite book to your friends, now you share stuff on line. That's often how people find out about artists new to them. As an artist I'm always very happy when this occur to my work. To my surprise I realised that not all artists are like this. You may think if somebody has a nickname LadySomething and does nice pictures there is a nice polite person on the other end. It may not be the truth. After pressing that highly visible "share" button you may end up threatened and offended by something who actually things that sharing is "using" and even "stealing" their artwork. And you thought you did GOOD to the artist, help them spread the message, etc. If you hate conflicts as I do you may even loss your sleep for a couple of nights if you get "i report you!!!" "DO NOT USE any other my work there!" " i didnt asked your help!" "This has not been done with my permission and there is no credit for the image posted on the site (Although I will allow that the image is linked to the original) Doing this has removed the watermark of the image from the image and is in direct violation of my copyright. Please ensure that this image is removed from this site with immediate effect"  "It is normal to ask for permission which is sometimes granted to reproduce images but this is only allowed with proper acreditation and watermarking." "i'm feed up with user who "share my works with the world" without asking me and my permission and uses my works below his/her name and sometimes earn money/points/credits/admission with them!!! so they stole! pitiable!!!" (and  a nice "Please, viste my gallery Thanks :)"  - after that!) 

I do feel pity for artists of this kind as it may be very difficult to live with such an attitude that everybody is trying to steal from them. People mostly just LIKE somebodies artwork and it's a nice reason to be happy and get on with you life rather than be angry, chase innocent people across the Internet, threaten and wrongly accuse them. This won't help with sales either.

On one occasion I contacted a site administration with that question: "Is there any single rule on whether people are allowed to share images (with links to the originals) on social media e.g. Tumblr, Facebook or Pinterest? I know lots of people do this and I know that a small number of artists is getting very angry about this but I can't find anything about the situation in FAQ."

The reply was as follows: "Our artists retain 100% of the copyrights for their images. If you would like to use any images, other than purchasing a printed product for personal enjoyment, you will have to contact the artist directly for their permission, as we do not have the right to give permission for the artists using our service. You will find their public contact information on their user page but please note, the artist decides what information is available to the public, and we are unable to give out any personal information."

How it is possible to have a "share" button next to each artwork if  "you will have to contact the artist directly for their permission"? I realise that it is a common problem with many artists sites but as an artist and a consumer I would like to have an absolute clarity on that. Why not give that "share" button only to artists who want they work to be shared and prevent other images to be shared at all? Otherwise people will end up doing something they think they ARE ENCOURAGED TO DO and then have angry artists chasing after them. I hope it all will be sorted out somehow because at the moment there is a big lie in the air and this is disgusting.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It is great to have a photographic calendar on the wall from the opposite hemisphere: In reality the days grow colder and gloomier but in the calendar it is just getting warmer and sunnier, better and better!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Kids are home today because of the strike. I just want to commit to some anti-strike action and to do as much useful work today as possible. Strike punishes random people who happen on that day to need a doctor, a teacher, a border control officer, etc. Its indiscriminate  - like terrorism.

It is disgusting when the politicians are trying to get at each other throat at any cost, on any possible occasion. Its like they don't really care about their country in troubles, the people, they just want to use any opportunity to show off  themselves and to intimidate others. But I still remember socialist rule in Russia when 1) one so often couldn't say publicly what one thought and had to lie about ones devotion to Marx, Lenin and a current party leader, 2) the news were full of lies, any troubles and sorrows at home were ignored, 3) one had to go and vote regularly - for a single candidate provided, and 4) there were shortages of just about anything useful in the shops. Capitalism (if that's what we've got now) is better. The truth is the human race don't have a recipe for a perfect economic and political system. Maybe it can't be perfect but we all are hopefully moving towards understanding what works better.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Never say these words!

Kids had an anti-racist lesson at school where they have been taught all these abusive racist words they had no idea existed. So now they know...

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Protest in the air

What I found a real waste of time on TV recently was this "occupy" movement. If the people are worried about inequality why don't they go and help poor people, tell about their stories, form a new political party or movement, propose new economical solutions, plant some seeds of a new and just society, etc. Why tents? I just can't stand people sitting and doing nothing. Most of really poor people are working very hard to earn a living, they have no time to seat in tents.

Why anti-capitalist? I've seen socialist economies in deep crisis too.

Why try to damage the financial system? Rich people have their property, gold and expensive things they can sell, poor people might just have some money in a bank. Who will suffer most if a bank will collapse? Were there rich people queueing in  front of Northern Rock?

Its just seems that there is protest in the air all over the world and many people just go and riot, demonstrate, throw stones at anything without much thought about why do they do this. I see a ghost of Lev Gumilev...

Monday, 7 November 2011

A way to honesty

is not  to judge any event as a liberal or conservative, "right" or "left", "green", "brown", christian, pro-something, anti-something, etc, with those party policies, allegiances and sacred books, but to judge every time by your own reason, your own heart. Mistakes could happen, new evidence could be revealed - so I can change my opinion. I am free to do this. And only this way I am thinking for myself.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Meet iCurrent

I decided to join iCurrent recently. It is for creating ones own "newspaper": reading news under the topics one is interested in. But I think their classification is not quite thought through...
Sports: suffering... I know it sounds like surfing but I can't really imagine that it will become an Olympic sport one day...

Friday, 28 October 2011


It is so annoying when I am about to press something on the screen and suddenly the image jumps and I press on a wrong link. Also when I press on a folder to open and it thinks I want to edit its name...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Prevention is better

The thing which can prevent "the ugly sisters" (religion, nationalism, ideology) to completely take over peoples' minds is a good broad education. Not that there couldn't be a well educated "monster" but in majority people become wiser when learned and are less liked to get their minds scrambled. Even more important is the possibility of free interaction with people of many different opinions and sets of mind. Then its obvious that other people, not sharing imposed on you worldview, are quite normal, kind, happy, not some strange evil creatures as may be pictured by "ugly sisters'"propaganda.

Of course a radical communist, a racist or a religious fanatic could look nice, clever and kind on the surface too. But I think after a wile and after some "digging" the difference between a free thinker and an affected person will be obvious to anybody. There are millions of people in the world mildly affected by one or all three of "ugly sisters". They are OK. For the moment. But I have a feeling there is always a possibility of them moving towards a fanatical end.

I'm not normally in favor of military intervention by any country unless its absolutely necessary to prevent a genocide. I think if anybody want to help people living under tyranny, cruel law and with closed minds they should help to educate them, to broaden their minds. Invite lots of them into your universities, broadcast to them, send your teachers to them. And then the bloodshed may not be needed at all.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Three ugly sisters

There are three things that can really turn somebody to a zombie: religion, nationalism and ideology. The third one is the weakest one and wears off quicker than her older sisters because of less stigma attached. If a person is giving up his religion he is often called a heretic and is threaten with hell. If a person is giving up his nationalism he is blamed to be a traitor of his mother/fatherland. And anyway, the ethnicity and the place of birth is not somebody can easily change. But ideology... Look what happened to communism...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Amoeba states

I think it is not right to judge a state as one would judge a person - to be good or bad, to take right or wrong decision - unless that state is run single handled by just one ruler (which is virtually impossible). The states are more like unintelligent amoebae: they feed, they grow, they divide...  A state will always mind its own benefits first although some of its citizents, including even ones in governement, could be very altruistic.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Love, marriage and... religion with its RULES

Some time ago I've heard a lady on TV saying "I reinvent my marriage every seven years". Seven or not, its a good idea. To try and look at your partner in a slightly different way, for example to feel  yourself as the most devoted member of his fan club. To have an urge to tell the world of his exceptional qualities, as could be honesty, loyalty, commitment, striving to do his best and always be the good person.

When I tried to be religious, lots of strange rules affected our relationship. I constantly had to feel guilty - and without even offending any real being... Guilty of not loving my "imaginary friend" more than my husband and kids, guilty of not trying to convert my man to the Orthodoxy as I was told by a priest, guilty of having sex on the wrong day of the week, in the wrong time of the year (e.g. lent), guilty of enjoying it and not having babies all the time. The fact that there is practically no divorce in the Russian Orthodox Church made me very scared from time to time: what if I made a mistake being young and inexperienced? Now, honestly analyzing myself, I realized I've for sure met my dream man in my husband and I, alone, with all my heart, decide to stick with him for the rest of my life. Its my happy and free choice. No invisible beings with silly rules involved.

Speaking of silly rules. From time to time I've been forgetting that on particular days I'm "unclean", "dirty" or whatever that disgusting church Slavonic word ("в нечистоте") meant, and I was touching the icons when tidying the house or dusting. Horrible sin! Several "sin books" sold at various church kiosks told me so. I had to tell a priest (an absolutely strange man) about this. Such a disturbing experience. Also at the end of church services almost everybody went to kiss priest's hand. I hate kissing strangers so that was another thing I dreaded and at the same time blamed myself for dreading...

I had Romanian neighbours giving me lifts to the church and on one occasion when we went here there was a traditional "kiss every other person in the church" ceremony. The poor Romanian man, why presumably couldn't stand this kind of things too, went hiding. I hope these nice and intelligent people eventually would clear of this common mental illness called "religion".

People use to see a "nice" face of religion: temples, glittering gold, procession, singing. But there is another side, its dark and very, very unpleasant. And absolutely unnecessary as I understand now. All my hopeless efforts to be a "good christian" didn't give me any more love, satisfaction or inspiration. I felt confused, depressed and... "dirty". Not any more.

Religion could also be dangerous to your life. After my mother had a serious operation the doctors told her to stick to a strict diet. She went to her church to ask for an advice because that diet was in conflict with the Orthodox "food rules" and a priest twice as young as her told her: "Of course you can follow that diet. On Sundays".

Of course various belivers take the "rule" business differently. But in my experience they all have some strange irrational set of rules and many feel oblidged to impose it onto others. There couldn't be a religion without some sort of dogma and a mind-killing feeling that "I am right because this is said in my little red/green/blue/whatever book".

I had some preachers knocking on my door yesterday. "Wouldn't it be nice if everybody on Earth lived in peace?" they said. Like believing in invisible friends ever stopped religious wars and persecution of infidels and so on. I tried to preach them back but I am normally a shy person, hate arguing and couldn't stand it for very long. But I have this rebellious idea of putting a note on my door saying "Preachers will be humiliated"

or starting a "humiliate a preacher" campaign... Or even better: they are coming trying to convert me but end up being converted by me. Dreams, dreams.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Health service

While I'm still here...  I've just seen somebody from America saying on YouTube that looking at British NHS bill he sought that half of the country was disabled. I think when the QUALITY of the health service depends on a persons occupation is WRONG. Its so unfare. Why, say, a lawyer should enjoy better health service than a gardener, if both like they jobs, and work hard? The size of somebodies salary is not always a good indication of his or her contribution to the society, efforts to realise one's capabilities, etc. This is why a good quality free health service for everyone is a must for any civilized country.

Gold explosion

I'm glad I'm moving my studio from the bedroom to the garage: I've just squeezed the tube of golden paint (it was called Pebeo and that was my first try of it) too much and most of it went everywhere. I've scraped it up from the floor, walls and boxes and put on the board - nothing is lost. The picture is probably going to be called "His last glimpse of the Sun" and the golden glow is quite appropriate, even on Mars...

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A catchy headline

Some time last summer kids were invited to a friend. This friend had a relative (a young man) coming and they all had an excellent time. Few days after that the young man was murdered. Unfortunately things like that happen even in relatively crime-free parts of the world. A local newspaper really surprised me in describing the event (at least twice) in the following terms: "a 20-year-old man has admitted the manslaughter of a teenager." The victim was 19 years old. Obviously the difference in age was minimal but to get a catchy headline the paper would stop at nothing.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Labour strikes are evil. Self-employed people often work very hard, have little money - but they can't go on strike. Artists can't. Homemakers can't. Scientists too - because the result of their work appears years, or even decades later. Striking is a form of blackmailing used by somebody in a position to do it. But why others must have lover salaries because they are not in a position to blackmail the public? Plus it damages the economy and because of this it damages everybody else's lives. Its SO selfish...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumnal pleasures

... to walk on acorns and beech nuts and feel them crack under you feet...

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Sat 3 Sep – Jethro Tull’s IAN ANDERSON In Concert

I really liked the concert. Excellent selection of old and new music & songs. I was especially happy to hear Ian's "Russian" tune "Boris Dancing" first. Even "The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles" which I didn't like much in the past turned to be funny when Ian read it. Nice new (at least I haven't heard it before) piece of music called "Overture". Its great to see Ian as energetic as ever and a range of different ages in the auditorium (the youngest I think were about 11-13 years old, obviously with parents). I honestly recommend the concerts of this tour to anybody who likes the variety of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull's music - if you still can buy the tickets!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Criminalising denial and true friendship

I've seen on several occasions people advocating for criminalising denial of something, normally atrocities. Its so against free thinking, and its often very politicized. If one is sure ones opponent is wrong one should have some solid proof. Otherwise I can imagine a gloomy picture of future people discussing historical issues and one is saying: "I think in reality something else was going on"... - and all suddenly are quiet, terrified of consequences...

My old real friends stay with me whatever my worldview may be, however it changes. Some religious people used to follow my blogs have run away as soon as I told them about the changes in my attitudes. It's like that for fundamentalists the dogma is more important than people or that they are afraid following me as it will open their eyes and uncover their illusions too...

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A genetically modified tiger

Recently I watched an interview with Sir David Attenborough where he said that some wild animals will have to disappear because they are incompatible with humans. Like tigers. I thought if we already managed to turn wolves into puddles and so on, this could be the solution. Whats better, a tiger ?in a picture book only or a cuddly grass eating genetically modified pet tiger? I prefer the second option. Same with all other endangered species. Just imagine the Welsh countryside with all kinds of rare animals grassing together instead of sheep, sheep, sheep...

Monday, 22 August 2011

What to respect

I've got a scary comment on another site of mine "I respect the beliefs of others"... I respect KINDNESS the most. And many more things if they go hand in hand with kindness: honesty, courage, curiosity, learning, hard work, imagination, creativity... I couldn't respect things like believing in necessity of human sacrifices, cruelties, Hell, persecution of "infidels", ets. Watch what you respect! :)

What about "nice" beliefs? Somebody advertised a poster "Families can be together forever". Now who wouldn't want that to happen? Its a "nice" mind trap. It has no ground whatsoever, even in religion itself. During my 20 years or so going to church I've heard a lot about Hell and separation of families... Foolling yourself like that could make you think of you life as a rehersal and prevent you from being happy now.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Thats not the point, forgive my argumentum ad Hitlerum

There are debates whether Adolf Hitler was a Christian. The arguing is fueled by his (and his supporters) photos like these:

This is what I have to say.
 I've heard from many Christians (and Muslims too) that other adepts who believe slightly differently are not true, real Christians / Muslims. Every time a member of an organization does something outrageous all his organizations rush to say that this person wasn't their "real" member. A striking recent example is Anders Behring Breivik. Look what his church, lodge, party said. So yesterday he was their member and his line of thoughts probably was OK with at least some other members. But he followed it to the logical end and committed a horrific crime. Immediately they have nothing to do with him.

Hitler certainly posed with Christians and their churches whatever his true beliefs were. Presumably he thought it would help his image and popularity. Lots of political leaders since Constantine used Christianity in the same way. There were Christians and their clerics supporting Hitler. See here or here. IT WAS POSSIBLE. Would it be possible with Humanists / Humanism or Pacifists / Pacifism? That what the text under the middle photo ("Christianity is a religion of peace") really meant in my opinion.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ideas and freedom

People who are not exited by anything in this life are boring. It is normal that a human being think about a certain idea, personality, work of art or activity much more and believes it to be more important than an "average" person would do. Only some ideas could be potential fertile grounds for hatred, cruelty, violence (e.g. nationalism, Christianity, Marxism, Islam - see the examples in the tumblr project from the previous post) and some couldn't be (e.g. stamp collecting, humanism, pacifism)... This makes you think.

I am against banning any thought, moreover, I would like to have real freedom of speech when for grown up people there is no subject immune to honest discussion or mockery. My past interest in religion has been fueled by its absence in Soviet school curriculum. This turned it into a forbidden fruit. If it was discussed freely and objectively I am sure there were much less church-going people in Russia now.

I used to say that there is no reason to life apart from religion. I feel I have been lying to myself. Deep inside I always knew there were lots of perfectly good reasons. Did a collection of images illustrating that. You either live a full life or a life full of illusions.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Freedom, ideas and crowds

I've started a new project: I collect stories of natural human kindness as opposed to idea-infused cruelty. I would appreciate any suggestions. Initially the idea appeared when an Orthodox Christian lady said to me that she is absolutely sure that non-Christians are incapable of good deeds. She also believed that non-christian souls won't be saved and at the same time boasted about her "friendship" with pagans. All this seemed so perverted to me yet so typical of fundamentalism (which is the core of any viable religion) - and it eventually helped me to say final goodbye to religion. Another thing was that many religious people commenting my posts in both languages seemed either to judge me most of the time or even tell me what I must think and do. None of my true friends would ever done something like this, be so disrespectful of my freedom.

In the times of riots in Britain, once in the evening, I went to the shops here in Newtown and seen an interesting picture. Four teenagers, 2 girls, 2 boys, white and looking well of, were obviously ready for trouble. Empty yet aggressive faces, hoodies on, throwing traffic cones around. But in the small town like his there just wasn't enough of them. It is illustrating to me the fact that people feeling themselves as a part of a crowd are losing their normal judgements, "going mad". Obviously undeveloped brains are more ready for this sort of behaviour.

Both ideas and crowds (mad or organized) can make people cruel against their normal nature. We are born compassionate. It's a social animal's instinct. Even hungry rats can't eat if they see other rats suffer (I thing this is from the book "Wild Justice" if I'm not mistaken). I remember reading a bit of Nazi official's diary (in the book "What Is Good?"). He was organizing death camps or something like this but when he went to inspect what he's done he felt terrified, he couldn't bear that. Yet he didn't repent: the Nazi idea and complacence to the authorities were stronger.

I thing the idea that people are born sinners, bad, cruel, homo homini lupus est, etc. leeds to a distorted world view. Being good is more about both going to you "roots" (natural empathy) and thinking free with a clear independent mind unclouded by invasive ideas (mems).

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Back from Russia again

Sorry for not writing much here during last year but I'm really into writing in Russian in my other blog.

To try to improve the situation a bit I can say that during past few month I've been so completely happy like I haven't been for about 20 years. The dark menacing cloud is gone. Twenty years ago I've been given some poison and told it will make me better. I was free before, but after I felt like a fish caught in the net, lifted off my natural environment, helpless and suffocating. Now I'm free again, full of love and creativity. I am clean of this horrible addiction. I mean religion. It is such a relieve to understand that it all was just a big lie, a glitch of a conscious (but week, I admit) mind, deceit and self-deceit.

I can still appreciate religions esthetical side: music, temples, rituals, general feeling of something greater that you. It may even make somebody happier. Then maybe if people, straight from the beginning of history, could build beautiful libraries, train stations and univercities there would be no need for majestic (and very pricy) temples?

The danger of the religion is that your "invisible friend" will get stroppier and stroppier, wanting more love than your real friends and family. It will make you call others heretics and infidels. It will be threatening you and blackmailing you with the fear of Hell. It will tell you that people are sinners and deserve Hell while the truth is we all get pleasure from good relationship with fellow humans - just like animals living in groups. We like being nice to each other. We notice nastiness more because it is more rare. People love each other naturally, without need for a supreme being, fear of punishement or dream of a reward. Religions and kindness are not related.

I am so glad there is neither "invisible friend" nor a strange cruel outdated book between me and my conscience!

There was perhaps need for a religion when first humans got conscience but didn't quite knew what to do with it. When they couldn't invent themselves neither purpose in life nor the ways to behave (after behaviour according to instincts became optional). Now most people can find purpose in life, be kind and happy by themselves.

I actually never met anyone who became kinder under the influence of a religion. My experience is that kind and clever believers have a very hard time squizing their kindness and reason into the dark prison of religious thought.

When I read history of Orthodox Christianity I find suppression of free thought, angry disagreements, wishes for opponents to go to hell, growing political ambitions, hatred, cruelty, attempts of rewriting of history, etc straight from the beginning. There is not such things as "christian values": when slavery, torture and cruel punishments were common they were OK with the Church too. The modern history of Russia teaches me that as soon as religion gets a firm grip on the society, its "nasty" fundamentalist face appears. Even in 90s I've been told the orthodoxy coupled with nationalism and xenophobia (o, mother!) I've been told silly medieval things like to eat seafood during the lent because in the old days people thought its plant food not animal...

Why should anyone believe to the infamous organizations like the christian Churches or other religious orders? They are built lie on lie, they teach intolerance (every religion is a blashemy for another one), they take away the most precious possession any person has: his freedom of thought.

Anyway, it is really difficult to describe the level of happiness the realisation of all this brought upon me.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New trees

I've recieved an interesting link to a photographer exhibition about fake trees hiding mobile phone masts. This is what artists should work on, turning something ugly into something nice, not putting piles of rubbish in art galleries :) We had an idea few years ago that big power stations could be made to look like castles.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A quiz

My Political Views
I am a centrist moderate social libertarian
Left: 0.56, Libertarian: 2.16

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -4.03

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Culture War Stance
Score: 3.12

Political Spectrum Quiz

Whatever. I think I share John Stuart Mill’s view that  the individual ought to be free to do as he wishes unless he harms (not just offends) others and I object any censorship. I'm really sad and angry at all this "blasphemy laws" which allow people to be murdered for the words they say.

Friday, 18 February 2011

A few citations from a book

I've read "Always Looking Up" by Michael J. Fox recently and just wanted to write down few things I liked.

"Listening to people espouse beliefs different from mine is informative, not threatening, because the only things that can alter my worldview is a new and undeniable truth".

"I've always considered faith to be an aspect or facet of optimism, a cousin of, if not a synonym for, hope."

From Henry David Thoreau: "In dealing with truth we are immortal, and need fear no change nor accident".

"These were good people, my family, my friends. They honored fairness, fidelity, honesty, family, hard work."

(about marriage) "The more complicated it gets, the more it seems to bring out the best in us".

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Artwork pricing

As somebody was wondering why I price my artworks sort of low, I reply here:

This how its works with selling things: if something is too cheap its sells like hotcakes and the seller has to rise the price. That's not what is happening. Plus I work fast and don't think I have any moral right to ask more for the work I didn't spend too much time creating. Plus I realise that I'm not a great artist and there are lots of my kind around. It looks very pretentious and silly when an artists who is not particularly good asks a great price for his or her artworks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everybody!