Saturday, 27 February 2010

Selling art

I've discovered a new print selling outlet, called Imageking, and so far its looks well designed and strait forward. Anyone can sell photos and artwork here, which is good, but also because of this one has to spend long time before finding good quality artwork. So far, selling art on Etsy and Zazzle have been the best options for me.

Ebay UK used to be very good for selling art but recently they started to treat the sellers worse and worse increasing the fees and inventing ridicules rules all the time. Funny enough few days ago they blamed me for breaching the copyright and selling an authorized copies of... my own novel... Any attempt to reason with them fails as they don't bother reading messages. I really hope somebody invents a user-friendly online auction site one day...

Also recently I've visited an exhibition of Michael Brennand - Wood's artwoks. Most of them appear to be like beautiful vases with flowers but when one comes to look close one realises that they made up of quite sinister details (like skeletons, bullets, etc). They all have got some meaning and make you think, but I just wonder if its right to make people feel attracted to something on the evil side...

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Gypsy Mermaid

Sorry I haven't been writing too much here as I've got very involved with my Russian blog.

Apart from few new drawings I was experimenting with a bit of shell, textile & sea glass jewellery which I'm starting putting in my Artfire and Etsy shops.

The name Gypsy Mermaid is partly related to how this looks like, and partly to a song by M. Scherbakov.