Thursday, 30 September 2010


Reading Dickens. Don't want ever call anybody a heretic. All of us make mistakes. Constantly. Don't want to call anybody evil. There is good in every person. And we all are just "fellow-passengers to the grave"...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Little everyday funny things

Just few of them to remember on a rainy day:

Rice through the straw
Kids were desperately trying to eat rice with chopsticks few days ago. I said "You know, in the Central Asia they actually eat rice..." But before I concluded "by hands" dear husband said "through the straw". Just imagine...

Drunk hairdressers
The railway got flooded after the rain yesterday so my husband and all the other passengers were put on the bus. On the back of the bus there was a group of noisy drunk hairdressers from nearby village who (judging by the horrible smell of hairspray) were practicing their hairdressing on the way...

Nightmare music
When I was a child & teenager in our apartment block in Moscow we had a British neighbour upstairs. Possible his name was Barry Jones and he was a writer but maybe not. He liked noisy overnight parties. He used to listen to the same few songs all over again. I truly hated them, they were my instruments of torture. I liked to sleep at night. Then very recently I noticed something familiar, long forgotten, in Jethro Tull songs I do listen a lot now. Possible, it was Crest Of A Knave album (certainly not my favourite) but it is still funny how everything in life can turn round...

Small World
A week ago I found out that there is a long existing Russian Language group in Newtown and that it is lead by a lady from the same department of the Moscow State University I am graduated from!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Back in Britain

We've just returned from 1.5 month holidays near Moscow, Russia. It was incredibly hot most of the time (+37 C) and very smoky because of distant peat fires. So we had to hide indoors. I've only managed to do a few sketches outside in the mornings but have been happy reading (Van Gogh, M. Bulgakov, V. Livanov, Dostoevsky) in cool underground sauna...

We also had few very strong storms, hazelnut-size hale and my favourite fir tree I admired from my childhood falling down (but not in our garden). The August meteor shower was quite spectacular this year.

On the way back, flight from Frankfurt to Birmingham (Lufthansa), we had to land very fast (which was a bit scary) in Brussels because the air pressure have been falling in the cabin. We've been told we were 30 sec from oxygen masks dropping down. It took four hours to fix and test the plane, then we resumed our journey home. Neither me nor my husband flying most of our lives ever experienced something like this. Kids and lots of other passengers had bad earaches.

Now kids are back to school, me I'm cooking, going to my exercise group and thinking about painting... Back to business!