Saturday, 8 May 2010

Spin and Hostility

Modern progressive democracy in other worlds. For me any hostility towards another human being is evil. It's the absence of love. Yet politicians (some so much more than others) keep on demonstrating hostility to each other, plotting, cheating, brainwashing, exaggerating, spinning, spinning, spinning - thinking its OK for them. Or maybe they want us all to follow their example. Its so sad. And almost every day for the last few weeks we've heard phrases like "we care about poor and they care about rich". At the same time they want us to believe than voting can change something. But if so, ANY party would has to please MAJORITY, whatever it is: rich, poor, working, or not...

There so much is said against discrimination. Yet there are, for example, caravan parks for adults only and for families only, there are "women in art" exhibitions and "black theatres". Personally I'm not against honest discrimination like this. If in a cafe they don't want people born in Russia I will go to another one. I'm a grown up person. Its not good to be hostile to another human being but you can't force people to love each other. Especially if they see people ruling the country being hostile to their colleagues. Also they don't seem to notice that you can't have both "freedom of speech" and "political correctness" at the same time. The double standards and silencing - that is disgusting.
I just feel like what's the point ever participate again in this silly farce called elections if it doesn't change much? I've been told that I've missed real democracy in this country which was before Blair. I don't know. Its difficult to tell.

Why anyway the brainwashed by spin-doctors crowd electing pretty actors should decide what's best for the country? Why not the best, well educated experts and specialists consulting each other and generally being friendly? And lets hold a monarch ultimately responsible for everything. And lets get on with our life... Silly me... There can't be an ideal country, anyway. Wait till I'll tell how my native Russian governement took Russian citizenship from my kids. Some other time.

Friday, 7 May 2010


At least we've got the person we voted for locally, Glyn Davies ...

I hope he will be seen in town often like Opik did.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Sounds silly but I will be really sad if on Friday we still have Gordon Brown in  charge or anyone with that left wing rhetoric. I know almost all politicians are actors and liars. But we just had too much of same of them. got lots of typing mistakes, but I think they are right saying that Tony Blair is ENFj, Gordon Brown is INTp and David Cameron is ISTp. Its describes perfectly how we perceive them at home.

Little advice for future government on spending cuts: DON'T FUND PILES OF RUBBISH IN ART GALLERIES ANY MORE... I'm not against something new or experimental. I'm just against funding rubbish!