Thursday, 10 December 2009


Again I am feeling the pressure of the modern day commercialized Christmas - all the emails from my online shops saying "don't miss Black Friday, don't miss Cyber Monday, hurry up, promote yourself (which I actually hate to do anyway)", etc. The high street shops shouting their seasonally loud mantra of "spend, spend, spend". Plus the worries about presents, running out of money, business unfinished before holidays, a Christmas tree to buy and carry home and so on. Plus the sun is low, the weather is often gloomy...

I really have to tell myself "STOP!" Why not just enjoy the season? Yesterday we spent the evening with my daughter creating a new playlist. She almost always goes to sleep listening to the music, usually Ancient Egyptian, Tudor, ABBA, violin or piano. This time its mostly Christmas carols & songs:

(we still are working on it).

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