Monday, 5 October 2009

Pelargonium Sanctuary

Is it just me, or somebody else feels sad looking at perennial flowers being dumped at the end of summer by numerous gardeners? Even hardy ones. Recently I found (on brambles-covered land locally known as "dump") a couple of perfectly healthy Pelargonium/ geranium plants and rescued them. I bring my geraniums indoors in winter to save from the frost and because I think the are SO beautiful against the background of fresh falling snow outdoors.

(the pretty photo is not mine - I've got similar ones somewhere, but they are a bit difficult to find at the moment).

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  1. That IS sad, that they don't plan around having the plants for more than a season. Here in the States, mums (which are perennials) are sold mainly in the fall when they bloom - but if you plant them in September, they don't have time to put down roots, and they don't generally survive the winter if they don't have deep enough roots. And stores actually label them annuals!!!! Because it's easier, I guess, than trying to sell them in the spring without blooms. That makes me mad.
    Glad you rescued the geraniums!


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