Friday, 19 June 2009

Royal Air Force Cosford Air Show

Thats were we've been last Sunday. More photos in my photo album. We were surprised to see such a sea of cars. I think some people with tickets haven't been allowed to drive in because there already were too many cars. Plus traffic jams on the way.

Although I felt some envy to the car people with big umbrellas, chairs, blankets, tents, comfortable seats on top of their motocaravans, big baskets with lunches - which we obviously couldn't had - I was saying to myself that unlike them we won't have problem leaving the show in the evening. Hm... We haven't been even allowed to the platform at the time when our train was leaving - because of the crowd of passengers. So we ended up coming home very late... You just can't win! At least the weather was fine - if you don't mind heat and sunshine (I do mind:).

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