Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Floods, Romans & Celebrations

Life was busy by local standards in Newtown during last two days. Yesterday there was a celebration at the train station with lively accordion music, mayor coming, children waving flags, Welsh cakes for everybody, etc. Lots of useful information on traveling by trains. I wish they were also running on Sunday mornings!
A week or two ago all the station windows were broken by vandals - twice. Fortunately, I've heard, they've got caught by security cameras.

Today I've seen the first proper thunderstorm in Britain (after more than 5 years living here). Real loud thunder and many bright flashes. There also was pea-sized hail turning everything white for a short while and flash flooding . Lots of fire engines all over the town and people walking trough the water. Brave people at the post office were still open when water reached their doors.

Oh, yes, and Tesco started building their supermarket and apparently they found a Roman road!

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  1. celebrating 150 years of the station - I've forgot to say


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