Saturday, 20 June 2009


If you have a page at Yahoo Geocities (my first ever one was there) it will be useful to know that they are closing down after the summer. Also Auctiva stops free image hosting for Ebay...

I've started with Live Journal - there are many interesting communities and blogs all under the same roof - which is a very good idea. For the moment I just duplicate there everything from Blogger and read lots of posts about natural living and philosophy.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Royal Air Force Cosford Air Show

Thats were we've been last Sunday. More photos in my photo album. We were surprised to see such a sea of cars. I think some people with tickets haven't been allowed to drive in because there already were too many cars. Plus traffic jams on the way.

Although I felt some envy to the car people with big umbrellas, chairs, blankets, tents, comfortable seats on top of their motocaravans, big baskets with lunches - which we obviously couldn't had - I was saying to myself that unlike them we won't have problem leaving the show in the evening. Hm... We haven't been even allowed to the platform at the time when our train was leaving - because of the crowd of passengers. So we ended up coming home very late... You just can't win! At least the weather was fine - if you don't mind heat and sunshine (I do mind:).


It often happens to me that if I have a burning question the answer comes from outside world. Few days ago I've got involved in an unpleasant discussion on the net. There was a place where people were answering a simple question "Do you belong to the Orthodox Church?" Then out of the blue three persons appeared saying again and again that all Orthodox Christians are layers, pretenders (unlike me clever agnostic), infantiles, never have any religious experience (unlike me clever Buddhist), dream about world domination and generally some sad and ugly creature, not proper human being (unlike me rude student). When I told them that you can't say this kind of things about a very large amount of people (simply because it's impossible to prove) they accused me of enforcing Western political correctness. Me and the other people tried to reason but we were overpowered by these people who seemingly had nothing else to do rather that denying millions of people their beliefs. So I was wondering: If something like this happens in future should I pay any attention? I get very upset at unfairness so I wonder if it is worth to get involved?

And here comes Dr. Laura blog:
"I just don’t like life’s unfair qualities, and I have generally stood up to them no matter what."
"we both still maintained the bulk of our differing opinions. We did, however, agree on one point of ethics, morals, and values: you defend who or what is being attacked unfairly, and consequently, we both defended responsible free speech."
"And I’m left wondering if you’ll stand up for others (or values, morals, ethics and principles) when most others around you will turn their gaze away."
Good for you, Dr. Laura!

Another point of that discussion was that its unreasonable to be good to people. Funny that the lady who was the biggest advocate of this keeps of giving life organising advices online without realising that it is spending time and energy for the sake of others - that is, being good to other people!

Also I've been thinking that they teach how not to offend in schools now. It good, as long as kids will understand that sometime if they have to do or to say something important they will offend others - who disagree (plus sometime our absolutely innocent actions can offend people with different system of views). I think its very important also to teach the children DO NOT GET offended and upset easily but defend their opinion calmly and reasonable. I have feeling the kids to much used to run to the teacher at a slight sight of any disagreement now.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


An oil pastel over acrylic artwork has been sold. The place is Draycott in Derbyshire, not far from where we used to live.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Floods, Romans & Celebrations

Life was busy by local standards in Newtown during last two days. Yesterday there was a celebration at the train station with lively accordion music, mayor coming, children waving flags, Welsh cakes for everybody, etc. Lots of useful information on traveling by trains. I wish they were also running on Sunday mornings!
A week or two ago all the station windows were broken by vandals - twice. Fortunately, I've heard, they've got caught by security cameras.

Today I've seen the first proper thunderstorm in Britain (after more than 5 years living here). Real loud thunder and many bright flashes. There also was pea-sized hail turning everything white for a short while and flash flooding . Lots of fire engines all over the town and people walking trough the water. Brave people at the post office were still open when water reached their doors.

Oh, yes, and Tesco started building their supermarket and apparently they found a Roman road!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Journalists say

Few days ago, when we were watching morning news with kids, there was a story reported twice: Male penguins raise adopted chick

The reporters seems to forget that animals also sometime eat their youngsters, don't mind incest and don't care for their old ones. Some of human beings do the same. Should we put animal behaviour as an example to human race?

Another thing about journalists that often if there is a tragedy, they follow grieving relatives and keep on filming them again and again. We normally switch to another channel. It is just wrong.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Late spring holidays

Twins in stereo.
We have been to Norfolk again. The weather was good, I even managed to swim in the North Sea for about 30 seconds... My son had spent about half of hour in the water and was very happy.

We were lucky to had about a week of hot and sunny weather here in Wales.

I've done some outdoor sketching and gardening including planting jasmine (which I always wanted to have) and sorting my seeds. I had a very nice American-styled quilted pillow cover which has got too old, so I attached 12 net pockets to it with letters for different months. So I'll never forget to plant something in time. Also useful for dentists appointment cards, newspaper cuttings about upcoming events, etc.

We also visited Iron Bridge world heritage town, the site of former industrial hell. "The world's first cast iron bridge was built over the River Severn at Coalbrookdale in 1779". I thought it would be bigger when I first seen it in the booklets...

Only bad experience was seeing a puppy being run over by a car, which reminded me again how hard is cats and dogs life in towns: either they suffer being locked up or they get killed. Well, I've also encountered online a couple people who honestly though that being kind is a waste of effort and time - that's another bad experience I wish I could forget.

Anyway, I hope to visit my mother and grandmother plus many friends in Russia from mid-July to late August.