Thursday, 7 May 2009

Solanum muricatum

A very interesting & useful plant database:

Planted Solanum muricatum (bought from Lidl) today. Sound too good to be true - perennial tomato which tastes like melon, an Ancient American crop plant. I hope it will survive!

I'm doing my gardening in an non-intrusive manner, encouraging useful plants which appear by themselves and with the ones I plant, I'm not forcing them to grow in my garden if they don't want to. Certainly no pesticides or non-organic fertilizers. My biggest problems are slugs and snails plus the fact that the compost bags in most shops are too heavy to carry without a car.


  1. You are doing noble work.Educate your friends and neighbors too.
    You are like me.Me Crusader Against mother earth

  2. Poor plant is cold. Where is the Summer?! :)


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