Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pen and pencil people

Two of my imaginary characters (their portraits, sorry!) sold recently:

I like imagining people and some of their environment and then let viewers continuing the story in their minds.

Three thoughts about religion

I feel upset when somebody says that only people from his religion will be saved, the other will go to hell for ever. I always imagine a young girl from the "X" country who is kind and helpful but dies say at 15 without any chance to find out about the "Y" religion. That would be a complete waste of a human soul, and I think a human soul is the best thing in the Creation. If God is really kind he will find the ways of saving everybody.

Another thought came from my socionic forum where people were discussing how different types perceive God depending on their mind "operating system". For some, He is an absolute Order, for others - emotional Love, the Law, an ultimate Force, ultimate Comfort, ultimate Mystery or sacrificial Love as a relationship to the Creation, etc. Its like that even among the people going to the same Church an individual would understand better one aspect of God, but not another.

And the third though is about what I call "religious uniform". No, its great when people wear traditional clothes during Church services and ceremonies or if they are priests or monks. But it feels quite different when (I think) some people wear their outfits for the sake of being recognized in their everyday life. Here in Newtown there are many ladies and girls who always wear little symbolical scarves and skirts. I don't know who they are. My kids used to be friends to some of the kids form these families and on few occasions they tried to invite their schoolmates to our home. The parents always objected. For me its just feels like they silently say "We are so pure. You will spoil our children". These people always seems to talk to each other. And I wonder, if two people simultaneously ask for help, would they rather run to the one of their own kind? Is this "uniform" a tool to divide human beings and treat them differently? I am sorry if this attitude offend any of the readers but its just how it feels.

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Lots of noise (far too much) about MP expenses at the moment. Of course it's wrong to claim porno movies as business expenses which should be paid by taxpayers. But just imagine an average person who has been told at work that he can claim anything and nobody will find out... How many would resist? (I dont just mean the movies :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Today when me and kids went to school, other kids told us that a little girl, the sister of one of the pupils, just has been hit by a landrower. A week or two ago there was this story on the news:

"Boy killed as car mounts pavementAn 11-year-old boy has died after a car mounted a pavement and crashed into a group of pedestrians in Bristol. The female driver of the white Ford Focus left the scene of the incident in Eastfield Road, Westbury-on-Trym, leaving the boy trapped underneath. A man was treated for minor injuries, while three other children at the scene were not injured."

I'm sure there are lots of stories like this, with the double horror of families loosing their loved ones and somebody accidentally becoming a murderer. Kids do behave silly and even experienced driver can loose the control sometime.

Perhaps not so tragic but still very worrying once was my ride along a small countryside road when an artists gave me a lift to a workshop. All the road was covered by killed rabbits, hedgehogs and foxes. I didn't really felt like admiring "scenic road".

I should admit, I do often dream how great it would be if I could afford a car and we all could go to exiting places and never fly again. A good friend of mine once told me that she was really happy that she had started driving: it gives such freedom! Yes, but at what price?

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Solanum muricatum

A very interesting & useful plant database:


Planted Solanum muricatum (bought from Lidl) today. Sound too good to be true - perennial tomato which tastes like melon, an Ancient American crop plant. I hope it will survive!

I'm doing my gardening in an non-intrusive manner, encouraging useful plants which appear by themselves and with the ones I plant, I'm not forcing them to grow in my garden if they don't want to. Certainly no pesticides or non-organic fertilizers. My biggest problems are slugs and snails plus the fact that the compost bags in most shops are too heavy to carry without a car.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Replying to e-mails: tip of the day :)

When I reply to a non-urgent (and usually a non-business) email I always wait some time, a day or two. Because if I reply strait away the person on the other end might fell obliged to reply quickly too, even if he or she likes to think a bit before writing. Just to give people some breathing space.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Toxic fumes

If you smell something, it means there are some particles or droplets in the air. We inhale them.

Its good that smoking doesn't regarded as harmless anymore. Yet its difficult to avoid the second hand smoke. Very often here in Newtown, when I'm at the playground with my kids, I can see a mother and a father with a pram coming, sitting on the bench and... starting smoking. Or it rains cats and dogs, we are waiting at a tiny bus shelter and suddenly a person next to us is starting smoking... Its not so much the government to blame but the people who doesn't care if they cause discomfort (headaches, coughs, etc) or even are harming others health.

And its not just cigarette smoke. I remember starting to have a terrible headache several times when somebody next to me obviously used lost of synthetic perfume in public transport or gym. Its probably just as harmful. And all this room-fresheners, tumble-dryer additives etc.

Anyway, its such a joy to create an unique smell with natural essential oils instead of buying something with ingredients totally unknown to you. And there are plenty of books with recipes for this in libraries.