Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Monsters on the beach

We've been to Norfolk during this Easter holidays. We spent most time walking along beautiful beaches and building sandcastles with kids. Everything was perfect, except dogs. And the noisy vehicles shown on the picture (forgot the name). Several times a day a real monstrosity (e.g. Rottweiler or German sheep dog) would run to us scarring everybody to death. Then in a few minutes relaxed owners would appear and we would be lucky if they say something like "he won't bite". No apologies for the fright, spoiled clothes and ruined sandcastles. I've actually seen (in the past) some dog owners who enjoyed scarring people with they "pets". Anyway, I think all dogs should either be on a lead or wear a muzzle when out of their owners garden. Even at home, there are stories of small children being killed by family dogs appearing on the news all the time. They are animals and predators, after all. And that horrible mess they live on the streets and in the parks... No, its not that I hate the dogs, not at all, its just would be so much better if some owners been more responsible. Sometimes you can see notices "no dogs on this beach" but it seems that lots of people do not really care.

Also we discovered a beach walk of horrifying beauty between villages of Mundesley and Overstrand (don't attempt it in high tide or you will drown and keep as far away as possible from the collapsing cliffs). The scale of sea erosion is astonishing (a destroyed narrow-gage railway on the picture), and freshly exposed colorful cliffs remained us the Grand Canyon and Painted Desert. I'm wondering, if anybody cared to slow the erosion down, maybe the solution would be to plant lots of native bushes like sea-buckthorn, blackberries and wild roses. They also produce edible fruit although I've never seen anybody picking it in the UK, which is a great pity. Sea-buckthorn fruit is stuffed with vitamins and also makes a great cordial and a liqueur. People grow it in the gardens and sell the berries in the markets in Russia.

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