Thursday, 30 April 2009

Commenting 2

Continuing previous post (why I don't like commenting on other people's blogs): if you praise somebody for being good after reading a post, that person may feel that she (or he) did presented herself as being good, which, as she knows, is far from true. Which may make her feel guilty. Or (if you, say, praise her work) she might think you are just being polite or try to cheer her up...

Anyway, I often feel I write my thoughts in English in the manner of that "Russian Professor Vooshka" from the Carry On Behind (1975) movie. Probably quite often the meaning is not what I really meant. And somebody has a great laugh reading all this nonsense... No comments, please! :) (just joking)


I don't do much of it. Possibly, because I really have to know a person or at least see her or him live to post an adequate comment, which will convey an adequate reaction.

A little advice to fellow bloggers: never post a comment like "I don't want to know about this" to somebody you do not really know in real life. Nobody forces you to read blogs or comment on them. And for some people its really hard and scary to write anything personal. The comment like that will really hurt.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fans and Fanatics

I sometime can like or dislike something (e.g. an opinion) very strongly. But I CAN'T imagine myself being one of the people who think that if a human being doesn't share all their important beliefs, tastes and opinions he or she is always a bad person, evil, empty space, hell bound, enemy, doesn't deserve listening. My heart just can't accept this. In fact, its normally looking for ways to redeem people. And thanks goodness for that!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Monsters on the beach

We've been to Norfolk during this Easter holidays. We spent most time walking along beautiful beaches and building sandcastles with kids. Everything was perfect, except dogs. And the noisy vehicles shown on the picture (forgot the name). Several times a day a real monstrosity (e.g. Rottweiler or German sheep dog) would run to us scarring everybody to death. Then in a few minutes relaxed owners would appear and we would be lucky if they say something like "he won't bite". No apologies for the fright, spoiled clothes and ruined sandcastles. I've actually seen (in the past) some dog owners who enjoyed scarring people with they "pets". Anyway, I think all dogs should either be on a lead or wear a muzzle when out of their owners garden. Even at home, there are stories of small children being killed by family dogs appearing on the news all the time. They are animals and predators, after all. And that horrible mess they live on the streets and in the parks... No, its not that I hate the dogs, not at all, its just would be so much better if some owners been more responsible. Sometimes you can see notices "no dogs on this beach" but it seems that lots of people do not really care.

Also we discovered a beach walk of horrifying beauty between villages of Mundesley and Overstrand (don't attempt it in high tide or you will drown and keep as far away as possible from the collapsing cliffs). The scale of sea erosion is astonishing (a destroyed narrow-gage railway on the picture), and freshly exposed colorful cliffs remained us the Grand Canyon and Painted Desert. I'm wondering, if anybody cared to slow the erosion down, maybe the solution would be to plant lots of native bushes like sea-buckthorn, blackberries and wild roses. They also produce edible fruit although I've never seen anybody picking it in the UK, which is a great pity. Sea-buckthorn fruit is stuffed with vitamins and also makes a great cordial and a liqueur. People grow it in the gardens and sell the berries in the markets in Russia.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MBTI / Socionic Type Names

I've been using MBTI type names in this blog for a while as they are more familiar in the West but now I've learned that there is some controversy to which one corresponds to which in Socionics. Well I'll be using the latter system now, e.g. EII, ESE, etc. Sorry for the confusion.

Lady Nebula

One of my Hubble-inspired pictures has been sold. Its a fun idea, to see shapes in Nebulae, like some people do in clouds, so I'll try to do more of this in future.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Best type of society (for me)

would be a scatter of small independent settlements amongst beautiful and not very dangerous wild nature where people are free to choose to which "village" they are going to belong. Like some happy little colonies on other planets with wise, peaceful and independent-minded inhabitants who use all past human experience and modern technology to live in harmony with their environment. Not an anarchy, but rather some sort of post-industrial society, very individualistic and without any bureaucracy. The trouble is, I can't imagine (at least not in our times) any state allowing self-governing people to chose by themselves different laws to obey (like in the movie "The Village").

Friday, 3 April 2009

Little Shops

Its a pain to see many little shops closing down. We counted something like 17 last time in the center of Shrewsbury. Yet, I think, one of the reasons for this is their working hours.

Many mothers and fathers, like me, are probably doing their shopping just after taking the kids to school or just before picking them up. Yet lots of little shops are still closed in the morning. There are some without clearly indicated working hours on the window, and ones where the shopkeeper is almost always late... There is a very nice little gift shop in Newtown, Vanilla Rose, but its tricky to get inside. Few days ago I went here in the afternoon and there was a sticker saying on the door "back at 3". I did some shopping (looking for some presents for my relatives), went back... and found the same piece of paper saying now "back at 3.15". I couldn't wait any more and bought everything in another shop... Most shops do close early, even more true to say this about the market stalls - they owners already have packed half of their staff when I go shopping in the afternoon.

Also most of this little places don't accept card payments. Because of this lots of shoppers will be very careful not to pick up too much items. Its good for buyers but not so good for shop owners.

Anyway, I think last few decades have seen too many people buying things they don't really needed (like new clothes when old ones were still wearable, or new furniture when old one still was in one piece... yes!). It was unnatural. And I feel it is unrealistic to expect this to carry on forever. So, unfortunately, some shops (and factories) have to go for good.