Friday, 27 March 2009

Trouble writing

Recently I keep having feeling that all people around expect me to be somebody else. No, rather that I expect people to expect me being somebody else. Couldn't write much here because of this too. I don't want to write what's already expected from me and I don't want to disappoint anybody by writing things they would think as being out of my character and their interests. Plus my uncle died recently and kids had a long virus infection (which is fortunately already over) so I didn't really feel writing much. And since Google Reader started to misbehave itself I wasn't reading much blogs for which I feel guilty too. Anyway, despite all that plus wind and rain, daylight is longer, winter is over and hopefully there will be something nice to write next time... Post tenebras lux...


  1. Who are you in relation to God? That is the real question. The others do not matter quite as much. I always find courage in that little Russian book "The Way of the Pilgrim". And spring time helps too!

  2. The first seeds of awakening. Breaking with old illusions and nightmares. I am free now: I don't care what other people want me to be, especially religious ones.


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