Thursday, 26 February 2009

Up our street

Its a pretty small cul-de-sac. When we just moved in I thought "great, kids can learn to ride they new bikes here". Naive me. There was a car passing every five minutes or so. I watched in great surprise how (in the middle of the day) people were constantly driving in and out going somewhere. And that's in a town where EVERYTHING is in walking distance...

If its cool or rainy we have to wait long time before crossing every street on the way to school because all other kids are driven by their parents. Once we had a lift on the way back and it took us longer than walking because of traffic jams.

Also on the way to school we have to walk under a railway bridge. Its a VERY narrow path between protruding stones of the wall and a busy road, plus a crowd of kids walking in both directions, some of them even trying to ride their bikes. I actually seen TWICE kids falling down on the road in front of cars (fortunately the drivers managed to stop in time). When a big bus or lorry is on the road you really feel like being sandwiched.

Countryside is beautiful. But I (being brought up free range in Russia) feel SO trapped, like never before. There is nowhere you can walk. OK, two designated footpaths. The rest is forbidden. I wish I could climb every hill with my easel but... "keep out, private property". There is an ancient moat, the rest of a hill fort, we tried to visit last weekend. Its all (a national heritage?) completely blocked by its "owners". If you want to see something in the Mid Wales you just have to drive.

Even trains don't stop (as they used to) in the mountains on the way to the seaside. All old stations are turned into houses. There is no local buses on Sunday and trains start running after lunchtime on that day. Once, desperately trying to get to my church, I checked National Express website, found that there is a bus suitable for me and went to the bus station. Guess what the driver said to me. "Sorry, I'm not allowed to take local passengers. Use your local buses"...

I hope this will change. I also think that (sadly) people won't change the way of their life willingly.


  1. And also the footpath from where I live to kids school ends well before the school itself leaving us either to walk on a road or on a muddy lawn. Pedestrians are not welcome...

  2. plus on the way to school a crowd of kids has to wait ages to cross the main road, and, of course, some start to mess around just next to cars and trucks, or even try to run across the busy road when the lights are red.

  3. About that narrow footpath under the bridge: they fixed it shortly after I wrote about this. Maybe the Council reads my blog? :)


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