Friday, 20 February 2009

Rollo May "The Discovery of Being"

Few words from this book:

... a crisis is exactly what is required to shock people out of unaware dependence upon external dogma and to force them to unravel layers of pretense to reveal naked truth about themselves which, however unpleasant, will at least be solid...

(citation from Nietzsche)... the spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding...

... one must have at least a readiness to love the other person, broadly speaking, if one is to be able to understand him...

About loneliness, isolation and alienation in our society:
... a vivid and gripping picture of a man, who is a stranger in his world, a stranger to other people whom he seeks on pretending to love; he moves about in a state of homelessness, vagueness, and haze as though he had no direct sense of connection with his world but were in a foreign country where he does not know the language and has no hope of learning it but is always doomed to wander in quiet despair, incommunicado, homeless and a stranger.

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