Thursday, 26 February 2009

Outdoor season started

The spring is in the air. Yesterday I've managed to make an ACEO sketch of the Newtown bridge:

Up our street

Its a pretty small cul-de-sac. When we just moved in I thought "great, kids can learn to ride they new bikes here". Naive me. There was a car passing every five minutes or so. I watched in great surprise how (in the middle of the day) people were constantly driving in and out going somewhere. And that's in a town where EVERYTHING is in walking distance...

If its cool or rainy we have to wait long time before crossing every street on the way to school because all other kids are driven by their parents. Once we had a lift on the way back and it took us longer than walking because of traffic jams.

Also on the way to school we have to walk under a railway bridge. Its a VERY narrow path between protruding stones of the wall and a busy road, plus a crowd of kids walking in both directions, some of them even trying to ride their bikes. I actually seen TWICE kids falling down on the road in front of cars (fortunately the drivers managed to stop in time). When a big bus or lorry is on the road you really feel like being sandwiched.

Countryside is beautiful. But I (being brought up free range in Russia) feel SO trapped, like never before. There is nowhere you can walk. OK, two designated footpaths. The rest is forbidden. I wish I could climb every hill with my easel but... "keep out, private property". There is an ancient moat, the rest of a hill fort, we tried to visit last weekend. Its all (a national heritage?) completely blocked by its "owners". If you want to see something in the Mid Wales you just have to drive.

Even trains don't stop (as they used to) in the mountains on the way to the seaside. All old stations are turned into houses. There is no local buses on Sunday and trains start running after lunchtime on that day. Once, desperately trying to get to my church, I checked National Express website, found that there is a bus suitable for me and went to the bus station. Guess what the driver said to me. "Sorry, I'm not allowed to take local passengers. Use your local buses"...

I hope this will change. I also think that (sadly) people won't change the way of their life willingly.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Gloomy picture

Plenty of this on TV now. People loosing jobs, sitting at home, desperate, playing computer games or getting angry. No positive advice to people like "try to learn new skills" or "try to turn a hobby into a new job" (for stories like this look on Etsy ), "try to move to the countryside and learn self sufficiency". Its just like somebody wants people be gloomy and desperate...

Friday, 20 February 2009

Rollo May "The Discovery of Being"

Few words from this book:

... a crisis is exactly what is required to shock people out of unaware dependence upon external dogma and to force them to unravel layers of pretense to reveal naked truth about themselves which, however unpleasant, will at least be solid...

(citation from Nietzsche)... the spirit grows, strength is restored by wounding...

... one must have at least a readiness to love the other person, broadly speaking, if one is to be able to understand him...

About loneliness, isolation and alienation in our society:
... a vivid and gripping picture of a man, who is a stranger in his world, a stranger to other people whom he seeks on pretending to love; he moves about in a state of homelessness, vagueness, and haze as though he had no direct sense of connection with his world but were in a foreign country where he does not know the language and has no hope of learning it but is always doomed to wander in quiet despair, incommunicado, homeless and a stranger.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Moth drawing

Its was done with permanent ink pens and colour pencils quite a while ago. I love working in this media because I can achieve lots of details, texture, and its so easy to start and stop working when needed - no paints to squeeze out of tubes or brushes to wash afterwards.

Spurge-Hawk Moth

on a piece of tree bark with some lichen

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hello again, Big Brother...

Its just as bad as during Soviet times. Political correctness, spin and citizens constantly spying on citizens. Day after day there is something on the news - neighbours being filmed secretly over the fence, so called "friends" reporting private conversations and so on. Yes, real criminals should be punished, but at what price?

I am actually a person who, unfortunately, could be easily offended by any word (but also fast to forgive & forget) so I just can't understand how any even slightly "politically incorrect" unintentional word is considered almost a crime nowadays. Somebody always will be offended by one thing or another. But its presumably OK to hate your neighbours, spy on them and report them. And to have one-sided national news coverage on many occasions - that's not politically incorrect. And to deny showing a charity appeal because the poor kids have a particular country's army to blame for their suffering... So contradictory.

"Oh, Hello!" - just waiving to the next door camera pointing directly at our kitchen window. And this is probably one of the most low-crime places on Earth...


Yet another artwork in oil pastel:

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Stefan Morrell - Dream Cities

Just a link to an artist site:

Very moody dreamy cities. I wouldn't want to live here but certainly love to visit...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Car industry

So much is said on the news that it's so unfortunately that people don't buy many cars any more. The car industry suffers and that's so bad. Well why nobody tells that perhaps people were buying too many cars before? Several per family - used mostly just to get to local school or shops. They say its so sad that the borrowing stopped. It seems to me that the global economy IS in this mess because of overborrowing and overspending...

Strange doll

Unusual Handsewn Rag Doll
Unusual Handsewn Rag Doll
by Linandara

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Spring Comes Early Every Year in acrylic

I've put another fantasy painting for sale on Ebay:

Trees with pink blossom, petals floating in the air, the sky above is golden yellow. Two women in unusual clothes are talking, one is sitting in the cart. The horse is waiting. Open to your interpretation.