Thursday, 29 January 2009

Zoo Principe

Its almost everywhere now. Any party, committee, members of staff, artists on exhibition, every kind of people has to be represented everywhere. "We haven't got enough women firefighters" - we hear on the news. And there should be a person from every race or ethnicity or ability for every group. Why? To tick the box? If there would be real equality nobody would ask which type of person you are, the only important thing would be if you can do you job well. Having "Women in Art" museums and exhibition is not an acknowledgement but patronising.

Dragging crowds of woman into army, police, government, etc. is plain stupid. There are less of us here because we don't generally want to be here. Men, I'm sorry, can't breastfeed of get pregnant whatever governments are trying to tell us. And if all women are gone firefighting, who's going to take care of kids and homes? Also you may be happy when governments tell that women can go to the army now. Well, don't give them a finger or they eat the whole hand: in a generation or two it will happen that all women have to go to the army.

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  1. "Having "Women in Art" museums and exhibition is not an acknowledgement but patronising." Yes, yes, and yes.


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