Monday, 19 January 2009

Funny kids

They are SO funny...
"What's your Barbie caring in that container? - Antimatter."
"Why are you so angry? - She has stepped on my Alexandria Library and broke it!"


  1. Well I would be mad too, if someone stepped on my Alexandria Library and broke it! >:(
    And I love Nuclear Physicist Barbie.
    That is sooo funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Thanks. They also used to like a toothpaste called Kingfisher. Now they have gone off it and started to call it Fishkiller...

  3. Few days ago we've seen a lorry with a picture of piano on it - presumable delivering pianos. But kids suggested its a "piano lesson lorry". You go inside, have a lesson, pay, and the lorry moves to a different location...

  4. Last time at dentist they started an infectiuos laugh... One was in the chair, another started making faces. I just couldn't resist laughing, then dentist, then her assistant... Forunately, no casualties.


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