Monday, 19 January 2009

Empty Eyes

I used to take part in many artists fairs, markets, carnivals, open days and so on. I'm sort of glad I'm not doing it anymore. The sight of people continuously passing by with their empty eyes and tight lips was heartbreaking. No, there were some friendly and interested looks, but still... Maybe many sought the art was a waste of time altogether. Maybe they really hated my style, maybe they felt sorry they didn't do anything creative in their life. I shouldn't judge them too harsh as I probably often have the same gaze passing by other artists demonstrating their work... I'd hide my feelings even if I really like what I see. It's cold, cold world...

Once I've been sitting from 9 am till 5 pm next to a model fairground exhibition with loud repetitive silly music going on and on and on. I though I'll get mad. Yet now, being in isolation of my home for quite a while, I feel I miss seeing live humans. So I made a wallpaper for Windows with several dozens faces I like starring at - family, friends, artists of all sorts, etc. At least it's something!


  1. you should try looking out at the congregation at Sunday mass. talk about blank stares. Sunday mass should be a time of joy but many people are just "there".

  2. in those moments,I was told by my art Professor to think,"if it's not about you,it's not about you"

    you have a well written emotional experience:)

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments! It's nice to know that somebody reads what I write but it's also quite scarry...

  4. Great art, really atmospheric. Found this via a daily Google search on "Socionics" which I am finding really fascinating (as a fellow scientist) and extemely useful.

    If glum I find cbt really helpful eg :

    The "Overcoming series..." is a really great resource.

    Also try Epictetus to feel better about random bad things! eg

    Best wishes

  5. I also noticed the same reaction in peoples eyes when I take photos not in "designated" tourist pickture taking spots. Disapprouvement and misunderstanding. Even if it is really, really beautiful what I take the photo of.


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