Thursday, 29 January 2009

Zoo Principe

Its almost everywhere now. Any party, committee, members of staff, artists on exhibition, every kind of people has to be represented everywhere. "We haven't got enough women firefighters" - we hear on the news. And there should be a person from every race or ethnicity or ability for every group. Why? To tick the box? If there would be real equality nobody would ask which type of person you are, the only important thing would be if you can do you job well. Having "Women in Art" museums and exhibition is not an acknowledgement but patronising.

Dragging crowds of woman into army, police, government, etc. is plain stupid. There are less of us here because we don't generally want to be here. Men, I'm sorry, can't breastfeed of get pregnant whatever governments are trying to tell us. And if all women are gone firefighting, who's going to take care of kids and homes? Also you may be happy when governments tell that women can go to the army now. Well, don't give them a finger or they eat the whole hand: in a generation or two it will happen that all women have to go to the army.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Andrey Chulovskiy - organ recital

We visited a very nice organ concert in the village of Kerry last Saturday. This is this Russian composer's web site:

I am impressed: few years ago I've heard some modern organ music and frankly it sounded like a tummy rumbling but Andrey Chulovskiy seems to master writing modern music for traditional organ.

Only one complain (yes, I just can't go without them :) - this village is in walking distance from Newtown, but we had to take a taxi: its a busy road without any sidewalk space again!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Empty Eyes

I used to take part in many artists fairs, markets, carnivals, open days and so on. I'm sort of glad I'm not doing it anymore. The sight of people continuously passing by with their empty eyes and tight lips was heartbreaking. No, there were some friendly and interested looks, but still... Maybe many sought the art was a waste of time altogether. Maybe they really hated my style, maybe they felt sorry they didn't do anything creative in their life. I shouldn't judge them too harsh as I probably often have the same gaze passing by other artists demonstrating their work... I'd hide my feelings even if I really like what I see. It's cold, cold world...

Once I've been sitting from 9 am till 5 pm next to a model fairground exhibition with loud repetitive silly music going on and on and on. I though I'll get mad. Yet now, being in isolation of my home for quite a while, I feel I miss seeing live humans. So I made a wallpaper for Windows with several dozens faces I like starring at - family, friends, artists of all sorts, etc. At least it's something!

Funny kids

They are SO funny...
"What's your Barbie caring in that container? - Antimatter."
"Why are you so angry? - She has stepped on my Alexandria Library and broke it!"

Friday, 9 January 2009

Poor doggy

Kids were watching children's channel CBBC yesterday:

The program was about designing an outfit for a dog... And the winner proposed to put MP3 player and loudspeakers onto it. And NOBODY mentioned that it probably would damage dogs hearing as its much more sensitive than ours and generally may make the pet very uncomfortable (and I'm not even a dog lover or animal rights activist to notice that!). So the moral was: 1)Its fine to have you music on loudly on the street; 2) it doesn't matter that a pet is alive, its just a cool gadget... And that's taxpayer-sponsored channel for you...

Balley Dancer

An artwork sold recently.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Merry Christmas

For everybody celebrating it tomorrow!

Rude mothers

In Newtown I sometime see mothers taking kids to the Primary school swearing loudly among other parents and kids. I guess its supposed to be OK. Maybe its something wrong with me, but when I hear a person swearing I just feel like they cover themselves in horrible dirt and also are trying to spread it on others around them. I've heard in some places of the world you could be fined for swearing in public. Lucky them!

Today me, my kids and their friend were walking back from school when a couple of 11-13 year old boys started swearing at my kids' friend who walked first and then at all of us. Its third time on the same spot! (awesome view of the valley BTW) The kids from our hill of the High School age must be from those families where they start teaching kids "manners" at Nursery! Curiously, every time this verbal harassment had happened I was caring my kids guitar or violin. Maybe the local children just are feeling jealous because they parents didn't bother with they music lessons busy drinking & spending on themselves (sorry for harsh words)?

Anyway, that's not very important. It Russian Orthodox Christmas Eve! And we had snow in Newtown these holidays, hurray! Its only a centimeter but its been here for a couple of days (!) and the landscape looks really great, wintry, although its so slippery to go up and down the steep hills! And the snow sounds so great crunching under the feet - just like I remember it from my childhood.