Friday, 31 October 2008

Hallowe'en blues

Don't like. Mostly. First its so unhealthy to consume all this sweets. Parents, do you really want you kids to loose their tees? Or to get a bad habit which can lead to diabetes? Secondly, for an Orthodox Christian it appears to be slightly on evil side. Well I love costumes & masquerades & traditions & rituals but I think pretending to be evil could lead to becoming evil. If we haven't been able to get away to my mother-in-law, I'll went for a sad princess, widow or a pirate for my kids.

Only thing I love about Halloween is carving a pumpkin, putting a candle inside & putting it on the porch - its pretty. And I love pumpkin soup of course!

But I should admit I'm feeling somehow quite sad if no kids came knocking on our door. It means that either they parents are scared for them and don't let them go, or its that horrible British age segregation - "respectful", rich & quiet pensioners' bungalows far away from tiny young families semis with no much of a garden...

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